The News Overview widget

This module is deprecated and might not be available in your platform. Please contact Support for assistance.

The News Overview widget can be used to give extra attention The News Module on your platform. This widget shows an overview of the latest news items.

news overview widget

You see the title and description of your widget as well as the title, an image, the date, and a piece of text of the news item displayed in the widget. The newest item is on top of the list.

In the Admin section, you can give the widget a title and description. You can also determine how many news items will be visible in the widget by following the steps below:

  1. Choose Configure at the top menu of Admin.
  2. Choose Widgets at the left menu.
  3. Search for the News Overview widget and select Edit at the Options drop-down.editing the news overview widget

You can add this widget to a page by following the steps in this article.