Organizational considerations for your community platform

CMNTY Platform is a diverse tool that can be used in many ways to achieve different goals. While we encourage you to pick and choose the features and functions that make sense for your community, below are a few guidelines to help you get the most out of your data:

  • We highly advise you limit community manager roles to users that you trust to do set up, moderation, and analysis.
  • Decide on a uniform community moderation style and establish a code of conduct for all moderators to avoid communication that might have an adverse impact on community members’ participation in your managed activities or information submission.
  • CMNTY Platform allows you to freely delete and edit all content and data for the convenience of your research. However, we strongly advise you to carefully consider the effects of editing or deleting your community data before performing these actions.
  • CMNTY Platform enables you to export raw data. It is often helpful to plan your data exports in advance, keep track of possible changes to the size of your community, and perform data exports regularly.

These guidelines are also compatible with the conditions set by ISO regarding market, opinion and social research (ISO 20252) and access panels in market, opinion and social research (ISO 26362).