Plus Plan


The Plus Plan includes everything in our Regular Plan and also gives you:

  • Full Control Over Your Design
    Get full control over the look and feel of your community platform with our Plus Plan. In addition to being able to change your logo and color scheme, you will also be able to add your own CSS to fine-tune every last detail of your design.
  • Custom Pages and Elements
    Provide your members with extra information and messaging, or display additional functionality via iFrames using custom pages and elements. Endless possibilities of extra functionality!
  • Power User Features
    Take your platform to the next level and fuel more inspiration by using Power User Features like Dynamic User Groups, Gamification, Custom Roles and more. Discover more about these features here.


For more information about our different plans and what is included in each, you can compare our plans or learn more about them, individually:

  1. Starter Plan
  2. Regular Plan
  3. Premium Plan

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