The Poll widget

A poll is a small survey of just one multiple choice (single or multiple answer) question. With a poll, you can get results for quantitative research very quickly, because the poll only has one question and it is visible next to normal modules. The poll is placed in the sidebar, so members see it fast and they can answer it really easily. Members can also see an overview of the results of the poll so far, immediately after they have answered it.

poll widget

In the Admin section, you can add, edit, and delete polls. You can also view the results and change the order. If you have more than one poll, the members will always see the first poll first, once they have completed the first poll, they will see the results of that poll and then they can continue to the next poll.

The poll widget allows you to get fast answers from your members. You can create multiple polls and schedule them to start and end at different times. If you do not schedule your polls, they will be displayed one after another to the users, starting with the first and ending with the last one created.

In the Finished Poll Display drop-down menu, you’ll see that you can decide what users will see after they submit an answer to the poll. You can let them see the poll results or hide the poll widget altogether, or you can prepare a finished message which will be displayed immediately.

Use this message to thank the members for their answers, drop a hint about another upcoming poll, or simply tell them that all polls have been completed.

The Finished message will only be displayed after all available polls have been completed by users.

You can change the title, description and more settings of this module by following the steps below:

  1. Choose Configure at the top menu of Admin.
  2. Choose Widgets at the left menu.
  3. Search for the Poll widget and select Edit at the Options drop-down.editing the poll widget

You can show finished poll results: the results of all active polls will be shown in a carousel. The results will automatically be updated when you refresh the page.

Show a finished message: the text you filled in as the ‘finished message’ will be shown.
Hide Poll widget: If a user has answered all Poll questions, the widget will hide if you have selected this.

Create a new poll

  1. Go to Publish at the top menu in Admin.
  2. Choose Poll at the left menu.
  3. Click Add Poll.


You can analyze the poll by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Analyze at the top menu of Admin.
  2. Choose Poll at the left menu.
  3. Select Edit In the Options drop-down menu.

You can see an overview of all polls and the number of users that participated in the poll. Click on Analyze to get details from that poll. It shows what the question is, what the answer options are, and a percentage of how many users have given a certain answer. You are also able to filter the results by group or by user. Choose a group or user, and only results from this group or user will be shown. You can export your poll results as a PDF with the ‘Download PDF’ button.

More information about analyzing polls here!

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