Profile Completeness Widget

The Profile Completeness widget can be used to motivate members to give their personal information, which is really useful if you’re doing research. With Gamification you can also reward members for completing their profile page.

profile completeness widget

Members see a bar that shows how far he/she is in completing her/his profile page. The text in red notes which profile field the user hasn’t filled in yet.

In the Admin section, you can edit the title and description of this widget and you can select the profile fields which the member should fill in by following the steps below:

  1. Choose Configure at the top menu of the admin section.
  2. Choose Widgets at the left menu.
  3. Search for the Profile Completeness widget and select Edit at the Options dropdown.editing the profile completeness widget

You can add this widget to a page by following the steps in this article.

Creating new profile fields

You can create new profile fields by following the steps in this article.

If the option Show On Profile is selected for a profile field, this profile field will be available in the profile completeness widget.

show on profile

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