Handling Reported Content

The Report feature is supported within the Pulse section where Community Managers can review existing reports for resolution and set-up auto-report settings to automatically label content for review in the Reports section.


In Forum and Challenge modules, users have the ability to report inappropriate topics, ideas, and comments through the flagging tool automatically enabled for the member role.

All users can report inappropriate content through the flag on each comment and topic. When reporting, the user can select the reason for the report from the following options: Inappropriate Content, Spam or Irrelevant Content, & Other.

Reported content is marked for review in Pulse and notifies Community Managers, so they are aware of the flagged post. All Community Managers with access to Pulse can resolve a report and includes the date reported, whether any one resolved the report, and links to the post and author’s user profile in Pulse.

Resolved reports will remain in Reported Content section of Pulse for additional review.


Within Pulse, you can manually enter a list of keywords to automatically report content which includes those keywords into Pulse for review in the Settings gear on top-right of the Reported Content section of Pulse. These keywords can be anything you want your Community Managers to review, whether you are looking for specific content or to prevent abuse within the platform.

Content flagged from these keywords will be visible to all Community Managers in the Pulse. These reports be listed under the Other category with CMNTY Pulse as the reporter, so your team will all be aware which content is auto-reported.