Using Stripe to charge for community membership

As mentioned in the article Can I Charge My Community Members for Membership?, you can set up paid membership communities using our Zapier Integration.  There are many options you can use however to provide an example, we’d like to demonstrate how to set up a paid membership for your community using the form program JotForm, the payment platform Stripe, and Zapier.

The flow of the process is, a user lands on your login page, clicks the form link, submits a payment, and receives an invite to your platform.

The Accounts you will need are:

JotForm: free for 10 payments/month.
Stripe: free to signup, you pay per successful card charge.
Zapier: requires a paid account.

Once you have your accounts created you are ready to go.

Setting It Up In JotForm

  1. Create a new form (Blank Form), name it and choose your color scheme.
  2. Drag over Full Name (Basic), Email (Basic), and Stripe (Payments) from the Form Elements Menu on the left. Make sure these fields are required.
  3. After you add the Stripe Form Element you will see an integration menu appear on the left side.
  4. Select connect, and login to your Stripe account when the pop-up appears
  5. Select the mode, currency, and for payment type, we suggest sell products.
  6. Select Additional Gateway Settings and we suggest deactivating Users Can Select Multiple Products.
  7. Select Continue.

Adding A Product

Now you will be able to add a new product.

  1. Select +Create New Product
  2. Enter the Product Name (i.e. Community Membership), the membership price (one-time fee), an image (not required)
  3. Set “Required” to Yes
  4. Save Product

Your Form is now ready to use. Click publish and copy the link. Make sure you have this link stored someplace so you can insert it later.

Note: After your form is ready, you will need to do a test payment, so Zapier can verify the email field later on. We suggest temporarily setting the membership fee to $1, go through the payment process using the link, and you can go back into Stripe and refund yourself if you wish. When you are finished, don’t forget to go back and change the fee back to the original price.

Setting It Up In Zapier

Note: If you haven’t already done so, send us a request via email to and we will provide you with access to the CMNTY app in Zapier.

  1. Log into your Zapier account
  2. Go to MAKE A ZAP!
  3. Search and Select the JotForm App
  4. Select New Submission
  5. Connect your JotForm Account
  6. Select the Name of the Form
  7. Continue On and Test as needed

Now you need to Choose an Action App

  1. Search and select the CMNTY beta app
  2. For the action select Create Invite
  3. Connect Your CMNTY Account
  4. On the Set up CMNTY Invite page, you only need to worry about the Email Address field. Select the drop-down and choose Fields Email
  5. Click Finish and you are done
  6. You can Turn On Your Zap

Setting Up Your Platform Login Page

  1. Log into your platform
  2. Go to Admin > Configure > General > Default Messages > Login
  3. In the copy, enter your desired message. (i.e If you are not a member, please click the link below to join. There is a $50 membership fee. You will receive an email invitation after successfully completing payment.)
  4. Include the form link after that and save the page
  5. Go to Admin > Configure > General > Platform Configuration and disable Use Invite Code System, and save the page
  6. Go back to your login page (signed out) and confirm it looks how you’d like


If so, you can now start accepting payments!

Read more about CMNTY integrations, seamlessly integrate your community platform
with the tools you already use and love.

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