The Spotlight widget

The Spotlight widget can help you draw attention to items or users on your platform that you do not want your community to miss. The Spotlight widget can be used to promote:

  1. Active, drafted, or scheduled CMNTY Platform activities. Expired items will not be included in the drop-down menus in the Spotlight item creation page. If you do not see your item in the drop-down menu, make sure it has not expired yet. Moreover, items that are visible to a limited audience (a specific user group category or specific user group) will remain visible to only that audience.
  2. CMNTY Platform users. If you choose to create a Spotlight item for a user, you will display the list of all active users on your platform. You can select a member or a Community Manager. Frozen users will be excluded from this list. If you cannot see the user of your choice in the drop-down menu, make sure they are not frozen.

The status column in the Spotlight overview indicates the same status that the item already has in the respective module page. For example, if you created a Journal assignment and scheduled it to start on a specific date, the status of this item will be Scheduled in both the Journal overview and the Spotlight overview pages. In the same way, as soon as the item is published, its status will change to Active in both the Journal overview and the Spotlight overview pages.

While you cannot create a Spotlight item for content that has already expired, if you add an item and then it expires, you will see an Expired status.

You can add your Spotlight widget to the front end of the platform by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Configure at the top menu in Admin.
  2. Choose Widgets at the left menu.
  3. To rename the widget, choose Edit in the Options drop-down.editing the spotlight widget
  4. You can rename the widget, add a description and select whether you want to display items in a list or as a carousel.renaming the spotlight widget
  5. To create a Spotlight item, go to Publish at the top menu, then choose Spotlight at the left menu and add a new item.adding a spotlight item

You can add this widget to a page by following the steps in this article.