Structure of CMNTY Platform

The CMNTY Platform has a clear distinction between the front-end and back-end (admin) section. As a Community Manager, you have access to administrative tasks at the admin section of the website. Here you fill your platform with content, invite users or change various settings.

You can enter the admin section by clicking on the Admin button in your menu.admin section

Module settings in front-end

On every separate module page, you will find a button with a wrench symbol; this is the settings tool. This button will open a drop-down menu with module-specific actions. The settings tool can take you directly to the admin section of the relevant module.module settings

Content settings in front-end

On every content item that a user has posted, for example: a Challenge idea, a forum topic or a Blog comment, you can also perform actions. Next to the tags for these items, you see a gear wheel button appear on the right side. With this tool, you can edit, move and delete these items. You can give points and badges to the user whom these items belong (if you have the gamification module), and you can also add a tag to the item.

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