Understanding the system queue

Some actions in the platform, like creating an export, will be done in the background. The advantage is that you can give the platform an assignment and continue to perform other actions in the meantime.

Example: When you create an export, the task will be added to the system queue and you will not have to wait for the export to be done before you can continue to use the platform. Tasks that run in the background are: creating exports, scheduling newsletters, mass resending invites, updating dynamic user groups, sending topic notifications, sending notifications about new challenges and recalculating badges.

Multiple tasks

Multiple tasks can be added to the system queue at one time, although they will be processed one at a time.

The system will check every 2 minutes to see whether new tasks are waiting in the queue and to process tasks that are not finished.

For example, when 10 exports and 2 newsletters are waiting in the queue, one task for creating an export or sending newsletter will be completed every 2 minutes (emails will always be sent in batches of 100 every 2 minutes).

Some tasks get a higher priority (for example, exports will be done before recalculating badges), but in general, tasks are processed in the order they were added to the queue.

The Platform Configuration page allows you to select which modules you’d like to use within your platform. It also lets you select basic options, such as activating Terms & Conditions or Gamification.

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