Tagging posts in the Forum

Tags are an exclusive feature of the Forum module and can be added to comments and posts within a topic. Only Community Managers can add and view tags. Tags are best used for reporting purposes and appear in Analyze reports in Admin. Tags are not searchable and cannot be seen by users.

To add a tag or view tags on a post:

  1. In a Forum Topic, select a comment to tag
  2. Select the Gear icon, then Add Tags
  3. In the Tags section below the post, all existing tags are shown
  4. Select Add Tags, then enter the desired tags
  5. Click the Plus icon, then Save to add tags to the post

To remove a tag on a post:

  1. Select the checkbox of the desired tag to remove
  2. Save and the tag will be removed

Removed tags will not remain in the section, but can be manually added back. When exporting Forum content in Analyze, all tags on posts will be included in the report.

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