Using the Task List

The Task List is our most integrated tool for assigning content to members and tracking their completion as a whole community. Task List functions as a widget within the platform and can be placed in the Main Top and Sidebar sections of pages. Content can be added and sorted by importance allowing members a specific route of tasks to complete, though members can complete tasks in any order. In CMNTY Pulse, the total responses to tasks can be analyzed on a per task or per member perspective. Tasks are included in the User Details section for greater clarity on a specific user’s progress.

Configure Task List

Task List is a default feature of CMNTY Platform. The Task List widget can be added to specific pages in (Mobile) Page Configuration. Task List can be placed in Top, Bottom, and Sidebar of pages.

Add Tasks to List

Tasks can be added in Publish > Task List. Only Active and Scheduled content can be added to the Task List, though only Active content will be visible to members.

Tasks’ content can be assigned to user groups, so only specific members will have access to complete the task. Using Sort View, the tasks can be arranged to match a desired list of actions for completion.

Analyze Participation

Task Lists can be analyzed in CMNTY Pulse as a whole community or for specific members. The Task List section offers a complete overview of all tasks assigned, the content’s status, the number of members who completed and are assigned to complete the task, and percentage of participation per task.

Using the Gear icon next to a task, you can send a reminder notification to users in the platform. Reminders will be logged and, if sending a second reminder, will share when the last reminder was sent.

The Completion Matrix allows for a review of all users and their participation in tasks. These can be filtered on user group or language, with a switch for Ignore N/A to update the percentages based on users who did no have access to a task. The completion matrix is exportable to XLS file through the icon at the top-right.

In the User Details section, a specific members progress in Task List can be reviewed.