The My Journals Widget

The My Journals widget will show the users of your CMNTY Platform an overview of their Journals and thus draw extra attention to the Journal module.

You can change the setting of this widget by following the steps bellow:

  1. Go to the Configure page at the top menu.
  2. Choose Widgets at the left menu.
  3. You can either click through the pages in the overview or search for a specific widget at Search widget above the overview.
  4. Click My Journals. On this page you are able to change the name of this widget, add a descriptive text and change the number of Journals you want to be displayed in the widget.

my journals widget

Members see the title and the description of the widget, the dates and the beginning of the text of his/her journal messages. By clicking on this widget, it directly leads a member to the journal. The member only sees his/her own messages and never messages of other users.

new journal entry

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