The Twitter Feed widget

The Twitter Feed Widget allows your Twitter Feed to be visible for users on the platform. The feed can show the latest tweets from the profiles the account follows, its own tweets, mentions, and tags, based on your preferences. To activate this widget, connect your Twitter account to your CMNTY as an app then create your tokens and keys and enter those within the Twitter Feed Widget in Admin:

  1. Go to You’ll need a valid Twitter Account in order to proceed.
  2. Choose Create a New App in My Apps.
  3. Give your app a Name and a Description.
  4. Fill in the URL of your platform in the Website and Callback URL fields. Example: https//
  5. Choose Create your Twitter application.
  6. View the Consumer Keys.
  7. Create your Access Token.
  8. View the Access Tokens.
  9. Go to Widgets under Configure in Admin of your platform.
  10. Select Twitter Feed.
  11. Fill in the Name and Description
  12. Enter the Consumer Key, Consumer Key Secret, Access Token, and Access Token Secret as created in your Twitter app (Steps 6 & 8).
  13. Optional: Turn Show My Own Tweets to ON, enter desired Hashtags and Mentions to appear in the feed.
  14. Choose number of Total Tweets to Display.
  15. After pressing Save, your Twitter Feed Widget will be Active.

To add the widget to your desired pages, select Page Configuration in Admin then choose the pages where you would like the widget to appear and select the area of the page to add the widget.


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Twitter has changed their settings for developer accounts and requires an approval process before gaining such access. Check their blog post on the change.