Twitter Social Login

Our Social Login feature allows members to easily sign-up and sign-in to your platform using their existing Twitter account. The easy to set-up feature ensures your members the ease of a quick login process without the need to create another secure password to remember.

The following steps guide you through connecting your CMNTY Platform with Twitter. Steps 1-6 are done within your Twitter account. Steps 7-11 are done in your CMNTY Platform Admin Section:

  1. Go to You’ll need a valid Twitter Account in order to proceed.
  2. Choose Create a New App in My Apps.
  3. Give your app a Name and a Description.
  4. Fill in the URL of your platform in the Website field. Example: https//
  5. Enter the URL of your CMNTY Platform appended with “authorize/login_callback/twitter” to the Callback URL field. Example: “”
  6. Choose Create your Twitter application.
  7. View the Keys and Access Tokens.
  8. Log into your CMNTY Platform.
  9. Go to Social Login page under Integrations in Admin.
  10. Switch the Activate Login for Twitter to ON.
  11. Fill in the API Key and API Secret as created in your Twitter app (Step 6).
  12. After pressing Save, your Twitter registration and login will be activated.

For platforms set to Invite Only, members must connect their Twitter profile during registration to enable Twitter social login.


Check out our instructions to set-up Social Login for: