Upgrading and its benefits

When your community grows, so does your ability to engage users when you upgrade your plan. Your decision to upgrade can be for a number of reasons from increasing members, desire for increased engagement tool, or greater segmentation and analytics. Whatever your reasons may be, we outline all the benefits of upgrading to your plan.


The Platform Owner of your community can easily upgrade your account in Admin:

  1. Sign in as the Platform Owner and go to Admin section.
  2. Select Payment in the Profile drop-down on the top-right.
  3. In Plan Settings, select the plan you would like to upgrade to or contact us about Premium plans.

Upgrading charges the remaining days until your next invoice at the new plan’s rate.



Upgrading unlocks certain features depending on the plan upgraded to. These features include:


Upgrading to Advanced unlocks the following features:


Upgrading to Advanced unlocks the following features:


Upgrading to Advanced unlocks Dynamic User Groups.


All Analyze features are included on our Professional plan.

Upgrading your account will maintain all existing platform information. New features must be turned on and configured.

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