Retrieving User Details

Pulse allows for the most comprehensive view of a member’s profile with the full details of a user. In the User Details section, you can view all of a user’s profile fields, technical details, Task List progress and Forum posts in the same place.

User Details

Within Pulse you can search for a specific user or you can follow a link from within the front-end. Within the profile, you can see their role, any user groups they are assigned to, as well as registration date, login date and IP address. All profile fields are also included for a complete review of the member’s provided information. 

Next, you can review if the user referred someone or was referred by someone, the progress completing assigned Task List items and all content added by this user within the Forum module.

To meet our goal of the most comprehensive area to review a member’s information and content, we will be adding additional content and insights from users in this section.