The user profile page

The user profile page is part of the community overview. This page shows an overview of information of one specific platform user or Community Manager. This is also the page where a user can change his/her personal information, email settings and password.

There are different ways to reach this profile page. If you choose your profile, in the menu you will go directly to your own profile page.

The second way is to click on a user from the community overview to go to your own or to another user’s profile field.

Another way is to click on the name of a user in one of the widgets or in an individual post of a user.

Profile Page Tabs

A user profile page can have 8 tabs.

  1. Your profile – As a community manager, you have extra options which a normal user does not see: 

    View points history – You can view the user’s points history and use the delete button to delete points.

    View time spent – You can see when and how long the user has been online.

    View history – You can find the user’s activities including the exact time and date.

    View device history – You can see with which devices, browsers and which versions a user has logged in.

    Give points and badges – You can manually give a user points or badges. This option is only available if you have gamification activated on your platform.

    manually give a user points or badges

  2. Profile settings
    At this tab, a user can change their personal information and profile picture. In the admin section under user profile fields, you can determine which profile fields should be displayed here.change personal information and profile picture
  3. Email settings
    Users can determine for which actions they want to receive an email from the settings
  4. Edit password
    Users can change their password.edit password
  5. Sign off
    Users are able to sign off by filling their email address. The user will no longer be part of the community. The signed off user can be recognized by the left label in User Management.sign off by filling email address
  6. Facebook
    In this tab, a user is able to connect their community account, with their Facebook account.
  7. Location
    If users confirm that they can be tracked, the location will be automatically added to the following items: Journal entry, Challenge idea and Forum topic. The location will be visible in the item itself and not in the export. Members can see their own location but they can never track the location of others. Only Community Managers can see the location of all users.


Profile picture

The profile picture is an avatar that represents a person in the community. A person’s picture is displayed when they contribute. Profile pictures are one way for people to make their participation in the community more personal.

In the admin section, you can change the default profile picture, choose which modules will be displayed in user activity and determine whether a user can change his/her email address or not at:

  1. Go to Configure at the top menu in Admin.
  2. Underneath Users, choose Profile at the left menu.
  3. Here you can change the settings of the user profile pages.change the default profile picture

If you are planning to upload a default profile picture we recommend that the image is 200px wide and 200 px tall.

Also see this article about adding profile fields.