Using user ranking with gamification

If you are incentivizing participation using points with CMNTY Platform’s built-in Gamification system, you may be interested in creating user ranks that your members can strive for (Ranks are not applied to Moderators). If you want to work with User Ranking, you will first need to create your User Ranks in the Admin section, and then your members will be able to earn them as they accumulate points.

To create user rankings:

  1. Go to AdminParticipants.
  2. Choose Gamification > User Ranking.
  3. Choose Add User Rank.

create user rankings

When adding new user ranks:

  1. Choose the Name of the rank (this name will be displayed on the user profile page).
  2. Configure the Minimum Points and Maximum Points for this rank. For optimal use make the ranks consecutive so that, for example, rank A ends at 100 and rank B starts at 101.

adding new user ranks

User Ranks will show up on member profile pages.

user ranks will show up on member profile pages

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