What are Admin Roles?

We offer multiple platform roles to our community with the main difference being between user roles with only front-end access, Members and Observers, and roles with Admin access, Platform Owner and Community Manager. To clarify how these roles operate and their permissions, below we define these roles:

Member Roles:

  • Member

Front-end only user with access to their profile and its settings. They can participate in all modules assigned to them and are restricted from Admin access.

  • Observer

Front-end user invisible to members with access to view Journal content. Useful for insight communities. Observer cannot be given Admin access permissions.

Member roles count toward total members. We will reach out if your community reaches its member limit.


Admin Roles:

  • Community Manager

Full admin access except for Payment page. Can invite and edit member profile information and roles.

  • Platform Owner

The creator of the community (unless changed) with access to all non-CMNTY admin pages. There can only be one Platform Owner.


Full access to admin for support and developer assistance.

Only Platform Owner and Community Manager count toward Admin limit.